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Course Reserves

Student Information

 Course Reserves are findable in OneSearch by entering either the instructor’s name or course information and limiting the scope to Course Reserves  
Open OneSearch with Scope automatically set to Course Reserves

Course Reserves materials are considered high-demand and circulate with restricted terms of use. Students will need a call number and valid TitanCard ID to borrow an item on Course Reserves.

 Restricted terms of use:

  • Limited to three items at a time.
  • Without renewal.
  • Borrowers must wait at least one hour before checking out the same item again.
  • Items returned late are subject to fines.

Instructor Information

Instructors may submit Course Reserves requests online by using the Course Reserves Form. All personal items placed on Course Reserves must fall within the “fair use” exemption to U.S. Copyright Law.  

Electronic materials (electronic articles, links, e-books, etc.) can be uploaded or linked directly to Canvas without using Course Reserves services. The Academic Technology Center can provide hands-on assistance with Canvas.

Please review our Course Reserves Guidelines for types of materials that may be used.