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Leganto Reading Lists

Leganto gives faculty members seamless access to the Library's electronic resources and course reserves system, as well as the ability to upload pdfs, link to pages on the Internet, and make their research and data sets available to their students in the context of their Canvas course site. The system is completely flexible so faculty can make changes to the reading list whenever they like, reuse the reading list for future courses, and even share their reading list with others.

With Leganto Instructors Can: 

  • create dynamic lists of citations from a range of sources - print or electronic Library resources, streaming video, websites, textbooks, journals, and more
  • monitor student engagement through system analytics
  • promote student engagement by enabling features that allows students to recommend resources and post comments
  • easily update content and reuse elements or duplicate whole lists for other courses
  • comply with applicable copyright policies
  • fully leverage library subscriptions to enhance learning affordability
  • allow selected collaborators to edit and manage lists

With Leganto Students Can:

  • find all of their course readings in one place, recommend resources, and post comments for discussion
  • access resoures directly from the LMS – no separate log-in credentials needed, no broken links, mobile friendly
  • have direct access to articles via the Leganto citation link
  • save money with reading lists that greatly leverage library and campus funded materials as well as open web content

See How Easy It Is to Build a Reading List with Leganto

If you would like more information about Leganto, or if you want assistance with building  you resource list, please contact our course reserves department.