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MeeScan is an app which allows you to check out materials from the library directly, without having to bring them to the circulation desk. It is a self-checkout service with two different ways to self-checkout.

One option is use your smartphone or tablet along with the Library’s WiFi. Using MeeScan app, library patrons can check-out their items from anywhere in the Library. Available for download on iOS and download on Android platforms; MeeScan is simple to set up. As always, Library staff is available to help patrons with Library apps, self checkout, or to help find your next favorite book.

How to Use MeeScan Self Checkout App:

Visit your app store and search for “MeeScan” to download the app, or click one of these links:

To Activate MeeScan

Touch “START” at the welcome screen. (If necessary, scroll down the screen to see the button.) If prompted, allow MeeScan to access your camera, send you notifications, and access your location. You will asked to enter your CWID and then log in using DUO authentication.

To Use MeeScan

Touch “START” at the welcome screen. In the checkout screen, use the “+” button to check out items. Barcodes are typically located either on the back of the item or the inside of the back cover.

Scanning Tips

Fit the entire barcode in the viewfinder. Hold phone about 6” away from barcode.

To finish:

Touch the app “FINISH” button when done. You will get an email confirmation.

Using the MeeScan Self Check Station at the Service Desks

If you don’t want to use MeeScan on your smartphone, the other way to self checkout is with MeeScan self-checkout stations. The MeeScan self check stations are located at both the Circulation Desk and the Research Center. In addition to a quicker and more private experience, MeeScan will keep track of your checkouts by sending an email receipt for every book you borrow.  

How to Use MeeScan Self Check stations:

Scan your TitanCard under the MeeScan screen. Scan your items, one at a time, at the station. Wait for the green “success” light each time. Touch the “Finish” button on the kiosk screen to end your session and log out. An email receipt will be sent listing the books and other items you’ve checked out.

Download MeeScan

From the Google Play Store:

Download link for MeeScan from Google Play

From the Apple App Store:

Download link for MeeScan in Apple Store