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Vision, Mission & Values

Pollak Library Vision Statement

The Pollak Library welcomes and empowers the academic community of CSUF in the pursuit, understanding, discovery, and creation of knowledge and information in a rapidly changing world.

Pollak Library Mission

To serve as the heart of the academic community by leading collaboration in the creation and development of innovative services, maintaining a robust collection, providing welcoming spaces, and delivering instruction to provide students with the information literacy skills necessary to participate and succeed in our society and the workforce upon graduation.

Pollak Library

Pollak Library Values

Integrity, Ethics, Transparency - Pollak Library supports the rights of all campus and community users to privacy, freedom of expression, intellectual freedom, and access to available information resources. We carry out our work with collegiality, responsibility, and accountability, treating one another with fairness, respect, and transparency.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility - Pollak Library celebrates our differences and diverse perspectives through collections, services, and spaces that speak to and serve the needs of our entire community, including all intersections of race, color, national origin, socio-economic status, age, disability, religion, gender identity, veteran status, or political affiliation.

Empowerment - Pollak Library empowers campus and community users to succeed by providing information resources and services that enable them to better inform themselves and identify their own continued information needs. We support thoughtful and open communication to foster creativity, discovery, and imagination.

Collaboration and Global Outlook - Pollak Library encourages resource sharing and collaboration among campus constituents and the broader community. We value a global outlook in our services, acquisitions, collections, instruction, and programming.

Intellectual and Community Hub - Pollak Library provides a dynamic learning and research environment through library programming, instruction, exhibitions, technology, and partnerships with other university constituencies. We present the Library as a place for innovation, creation, publishing, collaboration, and community-building.

Fiscal Responsibility, Sustainability, and Advocacy - Pollak Library is a custodian of public funds and supports the principles of sustainability in infrastructure, collections, purchasing, and technological choices in the library and across campus.