Graduate Study Room Procedures

The Pollak Library Information and Learning Commons (ILC) Graduate Student Study Center is a pilot project to test graduate student interest in, and the viability of, a designated space within the Library set aside specifically for current CSUF graduate students.

The ILC Graduate Student Study Center is available for use during the hours that the first floor of Library North is open.

Gaining Access

1. Login to the Portal and go to Titan Online and then Student Center. Create PDF or screen capture of "My Academics" to verify current enrollment as a graduate student (see image below).

screenshot of academic

*Most internet browsers allow users to make a PDF of any page by selecting "Print" and then choosing the PDF output option. You can also take a screen shot with the Windows 7 Snipping Tool if you prefer.

2. Email screen capture or PDF along with your Campus Wide ID (CWID) to from your campus email account. Indicate you would like access to the Graduate Student Study Center in the email. Use "Graduate Student Study Center" as the subject line of your email. By sending this email request, you are agreeing to the policies below.

3. Graduate students will be granted access for the remainder of the academic year (until 8/15) within 1 business day and will have to renew access privileges each year.


1. Personal Conduct

  •  The ILC Graduate Student Study Center is intended as a quiet study room. Please respect others by using this space for quiet study.
  •  Only graduate students who have been granted keycard (student ID card) access to the room are permitted to use the room.
  •  Please leave the inner window library shades up.
  •  When you depart, please leave the room as clean as you found it.

2. Food and Drink

  •  Drinks are allowed in closed containers, such as hard sided, spill-proof containers, covered cups, or water bottles.

3. Cell phones

  • When other students are using the room, cell phone ringers must be turned off.

4. Personal Belongings

  • Please do not leave personal belongings (including laptops) in the room unattended. Users are responsible for the loss of items left in the room.

5. ILC Laptops

  • Laptops for student use within the Pollak Library may be checked out at the ILC Support Desk. Current ID required.
  • Please do not leave the ILC computer unattended as there is the danger of having items stolen and your personal computer files and accounts tampered with.

6. Wireless Printer

  • The library is a wireless environment. A wireless printer is available on the 1st floor library North ILC.
  • Visit the Titan Lab Wireless Instruction page for more information.

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