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Fourth Floor Library North

Book Stacks are located in the southeast corner containing; Curriculum Materials Center (CMC), Juvenile, K-12 Textbooks and Text. The floor has PLN 400 - 449, with Group Study Rooms found on both sides of the floor. The DSS Study Room PLN 426, Emeriti Center PLN 433, Accessible Technology Room PLN 436, Meditation Space PLN 441, Classroom PLN 420 & 439 and Learning Resource Display Center (LRDC) being found on the east side and the Donoghue Children’s Lit Center PLN 415 and SchoolsFirst: Center for Careers in Teaching Learning Lab PLN 403 found on the west side. There are two black and white printers, one color printer, and one WiFi printer. Emergency stairs are located on the East and West sides; and Southeast corner. Public elevators, restrooms, and stairs are located in the Southwest corner.

Fourth Floor North Map