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First Floor Library South

First Floor South contains the Information Desk on the Promenade; Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery and Starbucks are located in the Atrium/Lobby; Diversity Initiatives and Resources Center including the African American Resource Center, Asian Pacific American Resource Center, Brave Space, Chicana/Chicano Resource Center, LGBT Queer Resource Center, and Titan Dreamers Resource Center. Center for Scholars and University Honors Center are located near the South entrance. Circulation Desk and Titan Card Desk are located on the East side of the floor. The entrance to the Patrons/Emeriti Book Sale Center is located on the Southeast corner using the outside entrance. There is one color copier, one black and white printer, and one WiFi printer. Emergency stairs are located on the Northwest and West sides of the floor. Public elevators are located on the West side. Gender Neutral restrooms and other staff offices are on the East side.

Pollak Library First Floor South Map