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Dean Eric Hanson's Message

As the new Dean of the Pollak Library, I will be working to better understand the needs of the students, faculty, and staff of California State University Fullerton.  I am already impressed with the friendly and professional community across the entire campus. My hopes are to build on the strong partnerships forged with the library previously and work with our colleagues to ensure the library is a welcoming and service-oriented institution moving into the future.

The Pollak Library is the Heart of the University, both physically and figuratively. It sits in the middle of campus and supports every aspect of instruction, research, and social life. As the campus grows and modernizes, the library must work to lead and support these efforts. With the help of an experienced team, I hope to guide the strategic development of library services to ensure it addresses the constantly changing technological and social needs of our diverse community.

I come to CSU Fullerton with sixteen years of experience in leadership and administration and eight years as a teacher at all levels. I also bring experience as a trained librarian, providing an understanding and insight into the evolving role of academic libraries. I welcome the input of our entire university community as I gauge the current position of the library and how it can best serve the Titan needs. If you are a new student, welcome to the Pollak Library and please say hello if we cross paths.

Kind regards,

Eric Hanson, Ed.D.