Dune by Frank Herbert: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

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About the Program

Dune  by Frank Herbert is a hero’s journey layered with the personal, social, and political complexity of our lives. The  Dune  cultures and characters were realized with elements of Zensunni faith, Arabic language and customs, Jungian psychology, Machiavellian politics, an ecological message, a messianic legend, an oppressed native population, and various factions vying for control of the “spice” trade. All combined, their exploits effectively bring about ecological disaster for the desert planet  Dune.

Join us for the  Dune  Speaker’s Series, an inter-disciplinary collaboration of California State University, Fullerton faculty and guest speakers discussing the present-day relevance of the political, social and environmental themes in the novel and their implications on contemporary society. 

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About the Collection

In 1967, Frank Herbert approached California State University, Fullerton literature professor Willis McNelly to inquire if he was interested in acquiring the Dune manuscripts. Shortly thereafter, Professor McNelly returned from a visit to the Herbert's with a trunk full of boxes. Frank Herbert contributed manuscripts from his entire Dune series (The Dune Chronicles), short stories, California Living articles, correspondence, and research files from that point forward until his death in 1986. The collection also includes all of Herbert's personal copies of his books, both hardback and paperback, including The Dune Chronicles in every language in which they have been published.

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