Dune Silent Art Auction

dune art auction 

About the Silent Auction

CSUF’s Illustration Department has generously donated their artwork to the Pollak Library. The original art made for and exhibited in the  Dune: From Print to Cinema and Beyond  Exhibit was auctioned from December 1st – December 22nd, 2015.

The auction raised a  total of $2,145.00  for our University Archives & Special Collections.

Thank you to the artists who donated their work, and to those who bid on these works. Congratulations to the winning bids!

Winning Bids

Art Amount
1CCArrakis $50.00
4CCArrakeen $65.00
5PDHeighliner $60.00
8GKRiding $55.00
9CHThumper $75.00
10PDArrakis $60.00
11CHCall $60.00
13GKFremen $60.00
14CCFremen $150.00
18CHSpice $75.00
20DBAtreidesa $120.00
23CCSeitch storage $75.00
23SeitchStorage $65.00
26CCNomad $75.00
27GKspiceD $50.00
28CCDune $1,050.00