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Current Exhibits and Displays

Philip K. Dick: Here and Now

Dates:  April 22 - June 16, 2016
Curators: David Sandner (English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics) and Cliff Cramp (Visual Arts)
Location: Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery
Description: The show celebrates the literary works of the legendary Science Fiction writer, Philip K. Dick and coincides with the Philip K. Dick conference being held at CSUF, April 29 and 30.

Golds of Rice Blend with Bombs: Expressions of War and Peace

Dates:  April 6 - May 27, 2016
Curators:  Librarians Jie Tian, Patricia Prestinary, and Jonathan Cornforth
Location:  Second Floor Terraces (East and West)
Description:  Layering geography, history, and individual human voices, the display explores the quest for peace in the human and natural worlds ruptured by war and violence. This display regards the print as an artistic medium and features art books, fine prints, poetry broadsides and books.

Book Jewelry

Dates:  March 28, 2016 - August 2016 (Tentatively)
Curators: Kathy Frazee and Teresa Malinowski
Location:  Second Floor North (between elevators and DPS)
Description:  This display celebrates the longstanding tradition of a book group that started forty-five years ago as an interest group of the CSUF Faculty Wives.  When the members travel, they bring back bookmarks to share with each other. There is a selection of bookmarks from the curator collections on display. 


Dates:  February 3 - May 31, 2016
Student Curator:  Shannon Brayshaw
Location:  First Floor North (display case next to Academic Senate Office)
Description:  This exhibit focuses on and celebrates the work of Florentino Jimón Barba. Jimón is one of the most popular potters from Tonalá, a suburb of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Open Access at the Pollak Library

Dates:  Open from October 19, 2015 (Ongoing)
Curators: Anthony Davis, Moon Joo Kim, Lindsay O’Neill, Michelle Swadish, Megan Wagner, and Greg Yorba
Location:  Faculty Commons, Pollak Library, Second Floor South (near the Academic Technology Center)
Description: October 19 – 25, 2015 is Open Access Week and the Pollak Library is participating in this global event that focuses on open access as it relates to information and research.

Upcoming Exhibits and Displays

The following exhibits and displays are scheduled to show in Pollak Library.

Endangered alphabets / The spiritual nature of writing

Dates:  July - September 2016
Curators:  Patricia Prestinary (Archivist) and Tim Brookes (Artist)
Location:  Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery
Description:  The exhibit draws attention to linguistic disappearance and cultural erosion with the intent of playing an active role in preserving endangered cultures by using their writing systems to create artwork.

Art of My Science

Dates:  October - December 2016
Curator:  Merri Casem (Biology)
Location:  Second Floor Terrace
Description:  This exhibit will display the beauty behind the science conducted by students and faculty from the Department of Biological Science at CSUF. The exhibit consists of photographic images and models representing the range of research activity occurring in the department.

A Country Called Syria

Dates:  October - December 2016
Curators:  Maria Khani and Dania Alkhouli
Location:  Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery
Description: The exhibit provides a comprehensive background into the history and culture of Syria. It includes artifacts, artwork, books, portraits, paintings and textiles directly from Syria.

Igniting Sales Careers - Sales Leadership Center

Dates:  October - December, 2016
Curator:  Mark Mantey (Sales)
Location:  TBD
Description:   This display highlights the Sales Leadership Center in the Mihaylo College of Business, what it has to offer and how it can be used by students.  The goal is to help build awareness, highlight the Center's certificate, sales education, leadership, team-work, corporate partners and networking opportunities.

Campus as Living Lab: A Sustainable Campus

Dates:  October - December 2016
Curator:  Tamara Wallace (Facilities)
Location:  Second Floor Terrace
Description:  Campus as a Living Lab provides students with opportunities to apply theory to real world situations without having to leave campus. While strengthening problem solving and reinforcing the bond between the student and campus, the exhibit provides a greater understanding of and appreciation for the management and operation of a university campus through fostered partnerships.

Taking a Stand: Legacies of Latina Activism in Orange County

Dates: April - June 2017 
Curator:  Margie Brown-Coronel (History) 
Location:  Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery
Description:  This exhibit explores the historical anc contemporary stories of women who advocated for political rights locally, regionally, and nationally. Drawing from archival research and the rich collection of oral histories housed at the Center for Oral and Public History, the exhibit tells this story in three different segments.

Imagining Our Stories, Narrating Our World

Dates:  April 2017 Tentatively
Curator:  Erin Hollis (English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics) and graduate student Frank Alanis
Location:  Second Floor Terrace
Description:  The goal for this exhibit is to highlight the power of stories and images in creating a world through the works or various graphic novelists, bridging the gap between visual and written language. In addition to using examples of written and illustrated stories, this exhibit functions as an interactive space where members of CSUF have the opportunity for creative expression.

CSUF 60th Anniversary (working title)

Dates:  Spring 2018 Tentatively
Curator:  TBD
Location:  Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery
Description:  Celebrating the 60th anniversary of California State University, Fullerton.

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