Open for Business-Professional Sales

On exhibition September 27, 2017 - December 21, 2017, in the Second Floor Terrace.


Mark Mantey serves as the Co-Director of the Sales Leadership Center at  California State University, Fullerton. With a sales career spanning over 34 years, Mark has a full range of sales experience ranging from Account Management to Divisional Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining CSUF, Mark worked for Nestle USA for 28 years. In addition to Nestle, he has also worked for Geo A. Hormel and at the distributor level servicing the food industry. He is excited to join the CSUF Sales Leadership Center which offers the opportunity to share his years of leadership, team work and sales experience with students interested in business and sales careers. 


The exhibit will expose all CSUF students to the role sales plays in each of our lives. The exhibit will highlight the existence of the Center within the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics. to enhance CSUF student awareness. All students will benefit from developing sales skills whether pursuing a professional sales career or for personal development. Interested individuals will gaim insight into the history of sales. An in depth look into colleges and universities with developed sales programs throughout the United States and the unique program offered through the CSUF Sales Leadership Center. The steps of the sales process and how understanding an individual's unique personal characteristics play a role in being a successful sales person. As the individual continues their journey through the exhibit they will be exposed to companies that are currently recruiting for sales positions on the CSUF campus. They will gain insight into training programs, career paths, compensation and the role of relocation for a professional sales development. Displays will feature the Centers corporate partner's products. In conclusion students will learn how to explore the world of professional sales on the CSUF campus through student advising, the Marketing Department and the Sales Leadership Center. 


The curator wishes to thank Trish Campbell, Exhibit Program Coordinator and Library Marketing student assistants, Lauren Condina and Karen Vazquez, in addition to the library exhibit students Cristina Omidsalar, Emily Pillai, Renee Jean, and Mariana Peñaloza for their assistance.

Exhibit Location

On exhibition September 27, 2017 - December 2017, in the Second Floor Terrace .