Instruction Services

Librarians at the Pollak Library teach more than 500 course-integrated library instruction sessions per year. They are available to instruct your students on how to find and evaluate resources for class assignments and research papers. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each class. Classes typically range from 50 to 90 minutes. Please fill out the Library Instruction Request Form to book your session.

Planning an Effective Session

  • Plan the library instruction session to coincide with the research assignment
  • Provide the students with assignment and discuss it before the library session
  • Share the assignment and sample paper topics with your librarian before the session


Instruction sessions are held in one of the library instruction rooms. The room number will be assigned once the session is booked. Alternative locations can be requested.

If you have an online class, we can provide live instruction via ZoomOpens in new window , create a customized online research guide, or provide links to online lessons & tutorials. Contact your subject librarianOpens in new window to discuss these options.

Online Tutorials

For interactive tutorials, see our Spark TutorialsOpens in new window in TITANium. Earn badges for learning about Pollak Library and library research. Complete all four tutorials to earn the Pollak Library Orientation badge! 

For videos, head to the official Pollak Library eLearning YouTubeOpens in new window Learn more about the library’s online tutorialsOpens in new window .

Instruction Request Form 

Faculty may request library instruction sessions for specific Cal State Fullerton courses. Please allow at least two weeks in advance of your preferred date. To find out if library instruction is appropriate for your course, see Library Instruction at the Pollak Library.

This form is intended for Faculty use ONLY.
Students may request a personal research consultation with a librarian via our online request form.

Library Instruction request form.

NOTE: due to security issues, you must access  the form either (a) on-campus  on the AD network or (b) VPN off-campus or over wifi.  Merely signing in to the Portal while off campus will not be sufficient.  If you have difficulties accessing the form, then alternatively, you can email your request to the Library’s Instruction Requests Scheduler, Rosemary Farr, at

Library Instruction Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The current student learning outcomes reflect a vision of what the Pollak Library would like students at or near graduation to achieve and to take with them beyond their time at CSU Fullerton. These outcomes are based on the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). The instruction program at the Pollak Library strives to incorporate a variety of student learning outcomes inspired by the ACRL Framework.


Pursuant to the SLOs, our graduating seniors (at or near graduation) will be able to:

1. Describe the stages of research process through which an information need is expressed and refined.

2. Distinguish amongst the wide range of sources available to engage in academic or popular discourse.

3.  Assess whether or not an information source fulfills an information need.

4. Properly cite ideas of others, thus demonstrating the value of information.

5. Identify the research support and related services offered by libraries.