Course Reserves 

Course Reserves are physical supplemental materials provided by faculty or pulled from the library stacks in support of course curricula.  These items are identified as high-demand, separated from the general collection, and circulated with restricted terms of use.  

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You can search for items on course reserves by professors name, course title or title of item.



Course Reserves Request Form


Instructor Information

Instructors may submit Course Reserves requests online by using the Course Reserves Form.  All personal items placed on Course Reserves must fall within the “fair usePDF File ” exemptions to copyright law.  For the convenience of your students, please link Course Reserves to your TITANium course(s).

Electronic materials (electronic articles, links, e-books, etc.) can be uploaded or linked directly to TITANium without using Course Reserves services.  The Academic Technology Center can provide hands-on assistance.

Please review our Course Reserves Guidelines for the types of materials that may be used.

Course Reserves Guidelines

Processing - Reserves requests are filled in the order received.  Items will generally become available to students within three business days during non-peak periods.  Processing may take longer during the first few weeks of the semester due to the high volume of requests, but instructors will be notified once a request is completed.

Course Reserves materials do not “roll over” or automatically renew between semesters.  A new request is required each term to confirm the instructor still wants the item(s) on Course Reserves and that it continues to fall within “fair use”.  Items without current requests will be returned to their owners or to the library stacks at the end of each semester.

Copyright and Fair Use – The Pollak Library is not able to provide copyright clearance at this time.  All items placed on Course Reserves must be copyright compliant or meet the “fair usePDF File ” exemptions.  Requests or items which violate copyright law will not be processed.

The following are some examples of what is acceptable for Course Reserves:

     What is acceptable:

  • Items from the library’s collections.
  • Items personally owned by the instructor.
  • Copies of materials created by the instructor (homework assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.).
  • Short clips of media intended as samples.
  • Government publications.


     What is not acceptable:

  • Course packs or readers.
  • Promotional or consideration copies of textbooks.
  • Complete or substantial reproductions of works outside public domains.
  • Materials owned by other libraries.
  • Materials borrowed through Inter-library Loan services.

Notes: Items that do not meet copyright exemptions must have written permission before it could be processed for Course Reserves.

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