Patron Publications

With the exception of the videotape, all of the publications listed below are located in the Pollak Library's Special Collections.

Exhibition Catalogs by Roy V. Boswell

California and Other Early Maps, 1375-1873. 1971
Noteworthy Maps & Charts, 1513-1774. 1973
The Iberian Origin of the Americas: Maps & Charts, 1513-1851. 1974
British Battle Plans, Maps & Charts of the Revolutionary War, 1775-1793. 1975
The English Origin of the Americas: Maps & Charts, 1486-1808. 1976
The French Origin of the Americas: Maps & Charts, 1590-1898. 1977
The Grand Ocean, the East & Cathay, Twenty-Seven Maps, 1556-1855, Plus One. 1979
The Patrons of the Library and the Collection for the History of Cartography, 1971-1982. 1982
California as an Island: Thirteen Maps, 1587-1761. 1984

Exhibition Catalogs by Albert R. Vogeler

Worlds that Never Were: Early Maps of the World and the Western Hemisphere, 1513-1676. 1988
Images of the Great White Fleet: Vintage Photographs of the U. S. Navy in the Roosevelt Era, 1898-1908 (with Peter Oppenhuisen). 1988
Treasures from the Patrons: Twenty-Five Years of Contributions by the Patrons of the Library, California State University, Fullerton. 1990

Library Lecture Series, edited by Albert R. Vogeler

Webster: First, Last, and Always, by Donald A. Sears. 1979
The Tatler: from Potboiler to Classic, by Wayne V. Huebner. 1979
The New Grove: A Modern Harvest, a Vaster Heritage, by Joan D. Kunselman. 1980
A Buccaneer's Atlas, by Norman Thrower and Derek Howse. 1980
Shaw: Man of Many Interests, by June Salz Pollak. 1981
Mark Twain's "Hideous Mistake," How It Nearly Did Huckleberry Finn In, and How He Finally Overcame It, by Sherwood Cummings. 1985
Five Hundred Years of King Arthur, by Charles A. Monell. 1987
Science Fiction in the Wake of James Joyce, by Willis E. McNelly. 1999
By Land and By Sea: Some Reflections of a Nautical Librarian, by Ernest W. Toy. 2000
Founders and Friends of Fullerton's Music: Forty Years On, by Joseph Landon and Beulah Strickler. 2001
A Passion for Collecting, by Gordon VanDeWater, George Friend, Jane Olsen, and Albert R. Vogeler. 2003


Very Special Collections: Essays on Library Holdings at California State University, Fullerton, edited by Albert R. Vogeler and Arthur A. Hansen. 1992.
David W. Davies: a Bibliography, by Donald W. Keran. 1973


The Roy V. Boswell Collection for the History of Cartography at the Pollak Library, Cal State Fullerton by Albert R. Vogeler.



George Bernard Shaw Symposium. Host and Moderator, June Salz Pollak. Panelists: Dan Laurence, Arthur Ganz, Charles Berst, Sidney Albert, Stanley Weintraub, Rodelle Weintraub. A symposium of Shaw scholars celebrating the acquisition of the Dwight V. Strong Collection of Shaw by the Cal State Fullerton Library. December 1982.