Sociology 308, Dr. Hughes
Welcome Sociology 308, Dr. Hughes' class

writing research paper Dr. Ronald Hughes, Sociology Faculty

Cynthia Bruns
Sociology Instruction Librarian,
Workshop date: September 1, 2011

This workshop will explain how to locate:

  • Books, both print and ebooks
  • Background Information
  • Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  • Database Searching
  • Cite Your Sources Using APA style

Additional research assistance is available:

  • Come to the Refernce Desk, 1st floor North library
  • Call the Reference Desk: 657 278-3284
  • Text us at 657 464-3787  
  • IM, Text, 24/7 Chat, or Appointments Ask a Librarian.

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Sociology Sample Topics for Sociology 308

These topics are not pre-approved by your instructor but you might use for this workshop:

  • Is there a relationship between voting behavior and race?
  • Are children of divorced parents more likely to divorce?
  • Does watching violence on television cause children to be more violent?
  • Does socioeconomic status effect happiness?
  • Does religion beliefs affect marital happiness
  • Dual career families and housework
  • Birth order as it relates to family relationships
  • Will abused children abuse thier own children?
  • Does premarital sex affect the long-term succcess of a marriage
  • Does socioeconomic status affect academic achievement?

Try these sample topics in Sociological Abstracts.  When you find an article of interest, look at the descriptors assigned to that article.  Then, you will do the search again, using the decriptors you found in the first article.

crowds of children

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