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Book stacksThe Pollak Library's catalog and Find Books lists books, reference materials, statistics sources, government documents, and other resources, in print, electronic, and ebook.

  • Keyword: such as...Living together
    Produces list of all books that have both words
    Leads to correct subject heading...Unmarried couples
  • Subject: such as...Sex Role in the Work Environment
    This library uses the stardardized
    Library of Congress subject headings
  • Author: such as...Such as: Durkheim, Emile,
    Shows all books we own in which Durkheim is the author.
    (Do the same search as a subject and see all books about Durkheim's life and work)
  • Title: such as...such as: Encyclopedia of Social Theory

Helpful Search Tips

How do I find books in other libraries?

compass1. Search for books through WorldCat

2. Request the book delivered to the Pollak Library through Interlibrary Loan, a
free service for current CSUF students, staff and faculty. How do I use Interlibrary Loan (Illiad)?

3. Your Titan Card is valid at all CSU libraries.  As a current CSUF student, you may use these libraries as your own. List of CSU campus libraries

4. To find a library with the books you need,
WorldCat (CSUF subscription version)- 60,000 libraries worldwide. (free version) - 1.3 billion items in 10,000+ libraries worldwide
Melvyl - University of California libraries
CSU libraries - individual
Google your favorite public library and click on catalog.

: Public libraries are unlikely to own scholarly press or research-level books.

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