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Adoptions -- California

California Statistical Abstract
In 2008 ed., see Table E-13: Children Placed for Adoption in California 1995-2007

Alcohol-Related Hospital Admissions in Orange County

Health Data Summaries for California Counties: 2006
Online: Health Data Summaries for California Counties

America -- Cultural History by Decades

American Decades Primary Sources(2004)
American Decades (1994)
Day By Day: The Forties
Day by Day: The Fifties
Day by Day: The Sixties
Day by Day: The Seventies
Day by Day: The Eighties
Day by Day: The Nineties

ASMT: American Society for Testing and Materials Standards

The ASTM web site gives info on obtaining standards.

Auctions -- Government Auctions -- Surplus Property Sales

Government Auctions [GPO Access]
GSA Auctions

Beige Book - Economic Conditions and Indicators

Beige Book

Bills - Active Legislation

Active Legislation [Senate]

Bills - Legislative history of bills in current session of Congress


Congressional Record Index
Section: 'History of Bills and Resolutions' gives information about bills and resolutions introduced, including action

Bills - Tracking
For bills back to 1993. Search by keyword, browse by subject area.

Birth Certificates -- Death -- Marriage -- Divorce -- All States

Where to Write for Vital Records

Black-Owned Businesses

Survey of Business Owners: Black-Owned Firms: 2002

Brown Act -- Secret Meeting Law -- Ralph M. Brown Act

See West's California Code, Government code, Section 54950+
Passed in 1961.
Also in California Statutes: 1961, Chapter 115, p. 1127 -- DOCS/STATE CALIF L325

Brown v. Board of Education

Education and Sociology: An Encyclopedia - see entry "Brown v. Board of education" on p. 67.

Budget -- Federal Spending
OMB site, free, searchable database of $16.8 trillian in federal government spending.

Bush Administration -- distortion of science

Climate Change Research Distorted and Suppressed [Union of Concerned Scientists]
Politics and the Erosion of Federal Scientific Capacity [commentary] (2007)

Bush Administration -- Information removed from government agency web sites

OMB Watch: Access to Government Information Post September 11

Bush Administration -- signing statements -- WCPD

Claiming power to open mail without a warrant under emergency conditions:
Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (H.R. 6407, Public Law 109-435), Dec. 20 2006

Buying a Home - HUD

Buying a Home

Buying Power Index -- BPI

Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide -- see "County" section

Cal State Fullerton -- Crime Rate

Annual Security Report [CSUF]

CSUF campus crime statistics [U.S. Dept. of Education]

Crime in the United States: 2008: Table 9: Offenses by State by University

Cal State Fullerton - Student Demographics - Statistics - Enrollment - Graduation Rates, etc.

Institutional Research and Analytical Studies [CUSF]

California History and Government

California Blue Book, 2000
Note: The 2000 ed. is a special edition covering 1850-2000. Many photos.

California -- Los Angeles -- Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Index for the Los Angeles Area [BLS]

California Map Series -- Congressional District Maps - State Senate Districts - State Assembly Districts - County Maps

California Map Series [California Voter Foundation] (RCP)

California Salaries by Occupation [EDD]

OES Employment and Wages by Occupation

California -- Taxable Sales and Use Tax -- 1997-present

Taxable Sales in California

California -- Unemployment

Unemployment Rate & Labor Force [EDD]

Cancer Statistics

Cancer [CDC]

Cancer Registries [CDC]

Cancer Progress Report

President's Cancer Panel [NCI]


Occupational Projections and Training Data [BLS]

Occupational Outlook Handbook [BLS]

Occupational Outlook Quarterly [BLS]

O*NET Online - descriptions of work/occupations for job seekers

Career Guide to Industries [BLS]

Census Tract Locator

Advanced Geography Search (census tract locator)

Census Tracts - 1990 - Orange County

Print: Anaheim-Santa - DOCS/US C 3.223/11:1990 CPH-3-215 A/sec. 1,2,3

Print: Los Angeles-Long Beach - DOCS/US C 3.223/11:1990 CPH-3-215 B/sec. 1-7


Centenarians in the United States (1999)

Century Statistics for Decades 1900-2000

Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1999: Section 31: 20th Century Statistics

Datapedia of the United States, 1790-2005: American Year by Year

Demographic Trends in the 20th Century (2002)

Charitable Organizations - Tax Info

Tax Information for Charitable Organizations

Tax Information for Charities & Other Non-Profits

Search for Charities: IRS Publication 78: Cumulative List of Organizations described in Section 170(c)

Children -- Cost of Raising

Expenditures on Children by Families (1975-present) [USDA]

Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Ruling - 1996 - FDA's Final Rule Restricting Sale to Adolescents and Children

Regulation of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (1996)
From Federal Register: Proposed rule, jurisdictional analysis and appendices, related notices, final rule with jurisdictional determination

Citation Generator for Government Documents



OPAC subject heading: citizenship study and teaching

A Guide To Naturalization

Study Materials for the Civics Exam - practice questions

Flash Cards for the Old Naturalization Test

Sample u.S. History and Government Questions

Our American Government

College Search

Search for Schools, Colleges, and Libraries [NCES]

Congressional Record - CSUF holdings

Call Number: DOCS/US X 
We have microfilm for 1789-1976; 1977-1981 on microfiche, 1978- in paper. Call no. is X for permanent edition, x/a for daily edition.

Continental Congress 1774-1781
Congress of the Confederation 1781-1789
Congress of the United States 1789-

Annals of Congress, 1-18 1789-1824
Register of Debates, 18-25 1824-1837
Congressional Globe, 23-42 1833-1873
Congressional Record, 43 1873-

Congressional Salaries  1789 - 2006

Salaries of Members of Congress: A List of Payabel Rates and Effective Dates, 1789-2006 [CRS]

Constitutional Amendment Process

The Constitutional Amendment Process [National Archives]

Print: Encyclopedia of the American Constitution - see 'amending process' (2000)

Oxford Reference Online Premium: amendments, constitutional

Consumer Expenditure Survey

Consumer Expenditure Survey

OPAC subject heading: consumers united states statistics
OPAC subject heading: consumption (economics) united states statistics

Consumer Price Index - CPI -Los Angeles --

Consumer Price Index for the Los Angeles Area [BLS]

Consumer Price Index -- Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange Ccounty, CA - CPI

Consumer Price Index -- Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange Ccounty, CA [BLS]



Copyright Basics [U.S. Copyright Office]

How to Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work   [U.S. Copyright Office, Circular 22]

Copyright Status of Government Documents

Copyright Circular 92, "Copyright Law of the United States of America" (DOCS DESK LC 3.4/2:92/2000. page 14) states that:
"Copyright protection under this title is not available for any work of the United States Government, but the United States Government is not precluded from receiving and holding copyrights transferred to it by assignment, bequest, or otherwise."

Copyright Office's Circular #1, "Copyright Basics" (LC 3.4/2:1/993, page 5) states that "Works by the U.S. Government are not eligible for copyright protection."


Cost of Living Index

ACCRA Cost of Living Index -- in REFERENCE


Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations

Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations

Economic Data by Region

Beige Book: Districts: Summary (Boston, NY, Phila., Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.)
Note: check for latest data
Also at: Search the Beig Book Archive

Beige Book [Federal Reserve]

Economy at a Glance [BLS]

Employment - projections

Employment Projections by Occupations (Stat Ab 2010 Table 605)

Employment Projections by industry (Stat Ab 2010 Table 608

Faculty Salaries at California Public Universities, 2007-08

Faculty Salaries at California Public Universities, 2007-08

Federal Grants to California

Federal Grants to State and Local Governments, California, 2005-06

FICE Number -- School Codes Needed to Fill Out Financial Aid Forms -- Title IV Code

Federal School Code Search [FAFSA]

FIPS -- State and Place Codes

To find FIPS codes by location:
County and City Data Book -- see Table D: Places
Also ONLINE -- see Table D: Places


Frameworks -- California Dept. of Education

Curriculum Frameworks: Subject Areas

Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information, Privacy Act

Games -- Educational -- Nobel Prizes

Educational Games []

GATT - text

Uruguay Round Trade Agreements, texts of agreements . . .
DOCS/US  Y 1.1/2:14245 and 14246
(2 volumes - 4,000 pages)

Geneva Convention -- Treatment of Prisoners of War

Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War -- adopted 12 Aug 1949 [UNHCHR]

Government -- Forms of Government (democracy, monarchy, etc.)

The Book of Rule: How the World is Governed (2004)
REFERENCE JF51 .B583 2004
Lists each country of the world and describes its form of government.
LC Subject Headings: Comparative government (limit to Ref and sort by date)
LC Subject Headings: Political science (limit to Ref and sort by date)

Green Book

Green Book [GPO Access]
Includes discussion and data on Medicare, SSI, unemployment compensation, TANF (welfare), child support enforcement, child care, Head Start, elderly, poverty, welfare benefits for noncitizens, effects of welfare reform initiatives, teen pregnancy, and more.
Program descriptions and historical data on a wide variety of social and economic topics, including Social Security, employment, earnings, welfare, child support, health insurance, the elderly, families with children, poverty and taxation. It has become a standard reference work for those interested in the direction of social policy in the United States. It is compiled by the staff of the Committee on Ways and Means of the U.S. House of Representatives. GPO Access contains the Green Book 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2004.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States

See also: Schedule B (exports codes)

Images and photos - government images in public domain

U.S. Government Photos and Images

Implicit Price Deflators

Economic Indicators [GPO Access]
Select an issue. 'Implicit Price Deflators' is listed in table of contents.

Economic Report of the President – see "Statistical Tables" contents – some years list it, some years don’t

Import Price Indexes -- Export Price Indexes

Import/Export Price Indexes [BLS]
Note: For country data, select LOCALITY OF ORIGIN.

For foreign countries:
     World Bank web site -
Click on plus sign to left of DATA
Click on plus sign to left of DATA (sometimes you have to do this twice)
Click on AAGs
     In dropdown box, select a country
     Scroll down to TRADE - import price index appears here.

Import Prices - Export Prices

OECD Economic Outlook - DOCS/INT  HC10 .O18
About two-thirds into each issue, there is a list of Annex Tables. Go to the list of Annex Tables and look under External Trade and Payments. Listed are tables for Import Prices and also Export Prices. The tables give 10-15 years of data for each OECD country.

International  Financial Statistics Yearbook - LATEST AT REF DESK
Under INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS, for some countries (but not all) import prices and export prices are given.

Income by Age, Race, Gender: 1960-1997

Measuring 50 Years of Economic Change
Print: DOCS/US C 3.186:P-60/203

Income Data 1900-1998

Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1999 - see Section 31.


Income Projections

Economic Report of the President -- Varies by year. Usually in the first few chapters.

Indian Tribes - Native Americans - American Indians

1990 Census: Characteristics of American Indians by Tribe and Language CATALOG RECORD
PRINT: DOCS/US  C 3.223/10:1990 CP-3-7/sec.1 and sec. 2
Population by tribe. Social characteristics. Data for U.S. and by state, region, metropolitan statistical areas (MSA's).

2000 Census: The American Indian and Native Population: 2000
Population by tribe is given in Table 5. Ten largest tribes. Ten places with largest population or highest percentage of Native American population. Discussion and statistics.

Industry Data - Annual Services Survey

Annual Services Report
For each industry (transportation, information sector, securities, professional services, health care, entertainment) gives detailed revenue and expenses data. Annual and quarterly reports. Historical reports.

Inflation -- U.S. -- historical data -- Ibbotson's

Stocks, bonds, bills, and inflation . . . yearbook
Also called Ibbotson's.

Inflation -- Other Countries

Background Notes [U.S. Dept. of State] - select a country -- ECONOMY section usually gives inflation rate

Mergent Online--Country Profiles includes inflation for most countries in the section ECONOMY.

World Economic Outlook Database - select a country and work follow prompts to get to 'inflation' data

World Bank - in menu bar click on COUNTRIES, select a country, and then SEARCH: inflation

Intelligence -- U.S. Intelligence

OPAC subject: intelligence service united states -- Limit/sort by year of publication

Katrina -- Hurrican Evacuees -- Where They Settled -- Maps

LA Times article with extensive discussion, maps, charts, statistics:
'Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina Resettle Along a Racial Divide." [Home ed.]
LAT, Dec. 12, 2005. pg. A1. By Tomas Alex Tizon and Doug Smith.

Legal Research - Law Research - How To

Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law
Easy to understand step-by-step info on legal research.

Laws - Foreign Countries

FindLaw: International Resources: Countries

Library of Congress - history of

Full Circle: Ninety Years of Service in the Main Reading Room
DOCS/US LC 1.2:C 49/3

For Congress and the Nation: A Chronological History
DOCS/US LC 1.2:C 76/6

On These Walls: Inscriptions
DOCS/US LC 1.2: W 15

Lyrics -- Children's Songs

NIEHS Kids' Pages: Young and Old Favorites -- lyrics to favorite songs

Medicate - state differences

Medicaid: State by State Descriptions & Plans

Megan's Law -- U.S.

Megan's Law. Public Law 104-145. REFERENCE KF50 .U5 110 stat.1345-pl 104-145
Megan's Law: Report . . . with Additional Views. 1996. DOCS/US Y 1.1/8:104-555
Megan's Law: Legislative History. REFERENCE KF63 .U4x 1996/Vol. 4, page 980

Library of Congress / Thomas:

Under LEGISLATION, click on Bill Text PREVIOUS
Under Bill Text, click on 104 (1995-96)
Search Word/Phrase: megan's law
Scroll down and click on Megan's Law (Enrolled Bill) [H.R. 2137.ENR]
Click on Link to Bill Summary & Status file

For LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: click on All Bill Summary & Status Info (except bill text)

For TEXT OF BILL: scroll down and click on TEXT OF LEGISLATION
For TEXT of Public Law 104-145: At top of screen, click on Public Law 104-145 Text or PDF

Congressional Universe has similar information.

Megan's Law -- California

Megan's Law -- California Attorney General's Office

NAFTA -- 8 year report

Effects of NAFTA on U.S.-Mexican Trade and GDP (2003)

NAFTA - 7 year report

NAFTA at Seven: Its impact on workers in all three nations

NAFTA —5-Year Report

NAFTA Works for America (1999)
Concise report from the U.S. Trade Representative's Office

NAFTA - text

1992: North American Free Trade Agreement between the Government of the United States of America, the Government of Canada, and the Government of the United Mexican States 

1993: North American Free Trade Agreement between the government of the United States of America, the government of Canada, and the government of the United Mexican States

National Parks -- Basic info -- not documents

Complete Guide to America's National Parks
REF SB 482 .A4 C65 1996/97

Discover America: The Smithsonian Book of National Parks (1995)

National Parks / by David Muench
REF ATLASES E160 M93 1986

America's National Parks : The Spectacular Forces that Shaped  Our Treasured Lands
6TH FLOOR OVERSIZE E160 .A5794 2001

America's Scientific Treasures: A Travel Companion
REFERENCE  Q105.U5 A64 1998

Nutrient Data from USDA

Nutrient Data Laboratory Database

Occupation by race

Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics

Employment and Earnings - January issue
Table heading is something like: 'Employed persons by occupation, race, Hispanic or Latino ethnicity . . .'

Statistical Abstract of the united States: 2010 -- Table 606: Occupations of the Employed by Selected Characteristics -- gives broad occupational levels by race

Occupations - projections

Employment Projections by Occupations (Stat Ab 2010 Table 605)

Employment Projections by industry (Stat Ab 2010 Table 608

Newspapers - Orange County -- early years

Following are some local newspapers:

Fullerton News Tribune - see OPAC record for years of coverage

Placentia Courier - see OPAC record for years of coverage

Santa  Ana Daily - see OPAC record for years of coverage

Evening Blade (Santa Ana Daily) - see OPAC record for years of coverage

OSHA Regulations

CFR Title 29: Labor

Plants - botany

Plants [USDA] - database

Plants: Image Gallery [UDSA]

National Tropical Botanical Garden

Poverty -- California

California Cities, Towns, & Counties


Presidents as Poets

Presidents as Poets: Poeetry Written by United States Presidents [Library of Congress]

Presidents' Signatures

Federal Register, Wed., august 18, 1993
Vol. 58 No. 158
See inside back cover.

Public Records

BRB Public Records Search

BRB Free Public Record Sites

Retrospective Indexes to Government Documents

These are all shelved together in COMPACT STACKS:
     Poore 1774-1881
     Ames 1881-1893
     Documents Catalog 1893-1940
     Monthly Catalog 1895-

Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade — 410 U.S. 113
ONLINE: Roe et al v. Wade Supreme Court Decision 410 U.S. 113. NOTE: Scroll down to ROE V. WADE
ONLINE: Full text on FindLaw : Roe v. Wade
PRINT: United States Reports, vol.410, p. 113. REFERENCE  KF101 .A212 v. 410 p.113.
PRINT: Supreme Court Reporter, vol. 93, p. 705. REFERENCE KF101 S95 v.93 p.705
PRINT: United States Supreme Court reports. Lawyers' edition. Second series, vol. 35, page 147. Reference KF105 .U52 1957 v. 35, p.147
PRINT: 25th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade: Has It Stood the Test of Time? 1998.
DOCS/US Y 4.J 89/2:S.HRG.105-463
PRINT: " Abortion: Roe v. Wade – Milestones in the Law "
West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, 1998,Volume 1, pages 10-21 and pages 313-399
REFERENCE KF 154 .W47 1998, Volume 1, pages 10-21 and pages 313-399

Salaries by occupation by location

National Compensation Survey -- Wages -- MSA and national statistics

Employment and Earnings
See table: "Median weekly earnings by detailed occupation and sex" in January issue or online
Print: DOCS/US  L 2.41/2:

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Description includes earnings.

Occupational Employment Statistics
See "Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates"
State level data.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Digital Sanborn Maps - subscription only - not subscribed to by CSUF

Serial Set -- U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Schedule of Serial Set Volumes

Serial Set Volumes (1987-present -- 100th Congress-present) [GPO ACCESS]

Serial Set -- Numerical Lists of Documents and Reports

Serial Set--Numerical Lists (1987-present -- 100th Congress-present) [GPO ACCESS]

Sanctions -- Economic Sanctions by Country

Sanctions Programs: Country and List-based [Office of Foreign Assets Control / Treasury Dept.]

Shepardizing in LexisNexis - Shepardize

Whil viewing full text of case in LexisNexis, at right: change NEXT STEP to SHEPARDIZE and click GO.

Small Businesses - by County and by Zip Code

County Business Patterns and Zip Code Business Patterns give statistics on employment size, breaking it down to "Establishments by employment size 1-5, 6-10, 11-20, etc.)"
Search: Search County Business Patterns and  Zip Code Business Patterns
Note: Census Bureau does not seem to use the term "small business" - rather, it uses "employment size."

Spain - Provinces and Regions

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Note: The encyclopedia "Cities of the World" has a section on Spain that gives a one-sentence description of each province.

Wikipedia entries:
1. Provinces of Spain -- lists provinces and links to articles on each province
2. Autonomous Communities of Spain

Print: The Regions of Spain: A Reference Guide to History and Culture (1995)

Data Spain
Commerical web site with map and info on provinces.

Spam - Reporoting - How to Report

Spam [U.S. Dept. of Justice]

Spam [FTC]
How to report spam.

Suicide - California

Number of Deaths by ZIP Code - California: 2007

Death Profiles by ZIP Code - CA Dept. of Public Health / Vital Statistics

Suicide - Orange County

County Health Status Profiles: Individual County Data Sheets
Select a county and then use EDIT/Find: suicide

Tasini Supreme Court Decision

The following article gives background and analysis of the Supreme Court decision on copyright issues involved in aggregate databases. The article is available full text in Factiva.
"Understanding and Surviving Tasini", (Jonathan Tasini copyright case) / George H. Pike. Information Today, Volume 18; Issue 9, 1 October 2001

Taxes -- Where do your tax dollars go?

Bringing the Federal Budget Home: Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

Taxes - History

Tax History Project - history of U.S. public finance

Textbook Collection in AVCMC - Textbooks

OPAC keyword search: LRDC
(Series title: Learning Resource Display Center)

Theses and Dissertations from University of Oregon Microfilms

9/4/97 Class assignment: "Locate thesis or dissertation about biomechanics from University of Oregon microforms."
OPAC WORD search: biomechanics
LIMIT TO WHERE: periodicals
This will give a list of dissertations which are in microfiche collection.

NOTE: In general, Pollak Library has theses from CSUF in paper only. However, there are a fair number of theses from other universities on microfiche in this collection in Periodicals.

Time use Survey - Married Parents

American Time Use Survey
Includes archived editions, 2003-present.
Time spent on household activities, childcare, married mothers, married fathers, etc.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) - transcript [

Trade Regulations

STAT-USA -- in library, at Ref Desk only

Exporters Encyclopedia - country-by-country regulations

Export Basics Home []

Export Administration Regulations Database

Union Affiliation

Employment & Earnings - see January issue online
Print: DOCS/US L 2.41.2:47/1

United Nations

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
In print and also e-book (search opac by title).
Volume 1 has in-depth information about the United Nations and its related agencies: UNESCO, World Health Organization (WHO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO), World Bank, and many more.

U.S. - Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives on the United States: A Nation by Nation Survey (2007) -3 vol.

United States Government

LCSH: federal government united states
LCSH: united states politics and government

Our American Government
Print:  DOCS US  Y 1.1/7:108-94
This is an introductory guide to American government in Q/A format on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Congress, the presidency, the courts, the electoral college, and more.

U.S. Government [InfoUSA] [U.S. Dept. of State]

Print: How Your Government Really Works: A Topical Encyclopedia of the Federal Government (2008)

Print: Contemporary American Federalism: The Growth of National Power (2008)

Sources of U.S. Government Information
- Library of Congress compilation of links

United States — History  

        An Outline of American History (2005) - PDF-180 pages [U.S. Dept. of State]

        Encyclopedia of American History (2003)
        REFERENCE E174 .E53 2003 Vol. 1-11

        Oxford Companion to United States History (2001)
        REFERENCE  E174 .O94 2001

        American Heritage Encyclopedia of American History (1998)
        6th Floor South   E174 .A535 1998

        American Decades Primary Sources  (Gale) (2004)
        REFERENCE  E169.1 .A471977 2004

        American Decades (Gale)
        REFERENCE  E169.12 .A419 1994 - 10 volumes

        New York Public Library American History Desk Reference
        REFERENCE E174.5 .N47 2003

        Americas Library [Library of Congress]

        Annals of America (1968)
        REFERENCE  E173 .A79 V.1-20
        v. 1. 1493-1754: Discovering a new world.
        v. 2. 1755-1783: Resistance and revolution.
        v. 3. 1784-1796: Organizing the new Nation.
        v. 4. 1797-1820: Domestic expansion and foreign entanglements.
        v. 5. 1821-1832: Steps toward equalitarianism.
        v. 6. 1833-1840: The challenge of a continent.
        v. 7 1841-1849: Manifest destiny.
        v. 8. 1850-1857: A house dividing.
        v. 9. 1858-1865: The crisis of the Union.
        v. 10. 1866-1883: Reconstruction and industrialization.
        v. 11. 1884-1894: Agrarianism and urbanization.
        v. 12. 1895-1904: Populism, imperialism, and reform.
        v. 13. 1905-1915: The progressive era.
        v. 14. 1916-1928: World war and prosperity.
        v. 15. 1929-1939: The great depression.
        v. 16. 1940-1949: The Second World War and after.
        v. 17. 1950-1960: Cold war in the nuclear age.
        v. 18. 1961-1968: The burdens of world power.
        v. 19-20. Great issues in American life; a conspectus.

        Statistical Portrait of the United States: Social Conditions and Trends (2002)

United States -- States -- All 50 States

The Fifty States Pages

Almanac of the 50 States [annual]

CQs State Fact Finder [annual]

To find statistical sources for U.S. statistics, search opac by:
     subject: united states statistics periodicals
and then sort by year.

Search Library Catalog by TITLE: Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States
NOTE: This is an e-book 2004 edition. We also have a 1981 print edition.

State Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State

Statistical Portrait of the United States: Social Conditions and Trends (2002) CATALOG RECORD

Population characteristics -- Households and families -- Social conditions -- Labor force and job characteristics - Housing -- Income, wealth, and poverty -- Education -- Crime and criminal justice -- Health -- Leisure, volunteerism, and religiosity -- Voting -- Environment -- Government -- Appendix: Detailed tables

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book

American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns

State Rankings

California Statistical Abstract
One of the last tables has comparative economic data for the states.

1990 Census of Population and Housing: Summary Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics: United States
DOCS DESK  C 3.223/23:1990 CPH-5-1

State & County Quick Facts
    Select a State

Value Line Alternative Source -- LexisNexis Investext

Investext -- In LexisNexis Academic. At LN home page, click on SOURCES and type INVESTEXT in search box. In search box, type CO(STARBUCKS) and then scan results list for STARBUCKS as the company. After bringing up the text report, click on RETRIEVE FULL TEXT PDF.
Investext gives analysis of companies and industries from several sources.

Vietnam Era Veterans Employment Status - and other veterans

Employment Situation of Veterans Summary [BLS]

Employment and Earnings, January 2000, page 47
DOCS/US L 2.41/2:47/1 – page 47

Videocassettes -- generating a list of titles

OPAC word search: videorecording

To generate a list of all CDs/compact discs:
Call number search: avd*

Wealth in the UlS.

Where Did They Go? The Decline of Middle-Income Neighborhoods in Metropolitan America (2006) [Brookings Institute]  This report examines the income of families and neighborhoods across the nation using decennial census data going back to 1970. Data is broken down by family income levels and neighborhoods (from very low to very high) among the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the US.  
The number of very low income neighborhoods (50% or less of area median income) in the 100 most populous metro areas increased by more than 300% from 1970 to 2000.
The share of middle income neighborhoods in the 100 largest metro areas declined from 31.7% in 1970 to 22.5% in 2000.
37% of lower income families in 2000 lived in middle income neighborhoods, compared to 55% in 1970.
The share of very high income families (more than 150% of area median income) among the 100 largest metro areas increased from 23.6% in 1970 to 28.1% in 2000.
The Los Angeles - Long Beach metro area experienced a 23.6% decline in middle income neighborhoods from 1970 to 2000.


When students ask for "Witkin's" they usually are referring to:
Summary of California Law
REFERENCE KFC 80 .W5 Vols. 1-13
To find it on OPAC, search by AUTHOR: witkin

Yearbooks—CSUF Titan Yearbooks—CSUF Yearbooks

Housed in Special Collections (x3444, P LS-352):
1961-62, 1964-67, 1978-79, 1982-86, 1987-2000.
It was not published for the following years: 1968-76, 1981.
Ceased publication in 2000.

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