California Needs Assessment
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California Needs Assessment
California -- Need Indicators
  • Health Snapshots [UCLA] (all California counties)
    Key health related indicators such as rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, health insurance coverage, food insecurity and more.  Data are available by county and also by Service Planning Areas (SPAs) for LA County.  LA County data can also be compared to other counties as well as the state.
  • Orange County Community Indicators
    Online: Orange County Community Indicators
    County profile. Economic and Business Climate: tourism, spending, world trade, consumer confidence index, per capita income, housing demand and affordability, average commute times, jobs by industry, high-technology cluster diversity. Technology & Innovation: e-commerce, patent grants and venture capital, computers in schools, technology-related degrees. Education: health status, child care quality and affordability, prenatal care, causes of death for children under five, immunization rates, physical fitness of children, health-insurance coverage, illicit drug use, and mental health. Public Safety: child abuse, crime rate, gang-related crimes, hate crimes. Environment : coastal water quality, recreational resources, air quality, water use and supply, and more.
  • County Profiles of Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in California
    Geographic levels:  County (all 58 counties in California)
    2-page statistical reports for each county on  food insecurity, food and nutrition programs (food stamps, school meal programs, WIC-or Women, Infants and Children food assistance programs) as well as some health indicators (low birth weight babies, overweight, obese adults and diabetic adults) across 58 counties in California. Numbers of those eligible for food and nutrition programs are given, as well as numbers and percentages of people eligible however not participating in the programs. A ranking of counties is given with these indicators, showing how each county compares to each other as well as to the state.
California -- Child Abuse
California -- Child Care
California -- Children
California -- Education Needs
  • Education Needs Index
    Data for each of the 50 states. This website provides an Education Needs Index (ENI) for all 3,140 counties in the United States.  The index is a measurement of current socio-economic forces that influence education conditions for each county.  Indicators that make up the index are based on the following categories: education (such as percent of residents with a high school degree, college degree), economics (such as unemployment rate, per capita income), market factors (such as projected population growth), and population factors (such as percent of population over 44). In addition, the site also allows for comparisons across states regarding poverty, college attainment, the unemployment rate and more.
California -- Nutrition
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