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Online resource of special note: British Official Publications Collaborative Reader Information Service (BOPCRIS contains 23,279 references to key British Official Publications 1688-1995).

British Parliamentary Papers

Pollak Library owns a significant number of volumes of British Parliamentary Papers from the 19th Century. They are shelved in the Main Collection and in Reference. They are not all shelved in one place in the Library but rather have been cataloged and shelved by the subjects covered in the specific sets of volumes. Therefore, different volumes will be shelved on different floors.

The following types of documents are authorized by Parliament and bound into the series of volumes known as the Parliamentary Papers:
(1) Public Bills. All bills introduced into the House of Commons or brought from the House of Lords.
(2) Reports of committees (Standing and Select committees of the House of Commons, Joint committees).
(3) Reports of commissioners (Royal Commissions, departmental committees).
(4) Accounts and Papers. The Command Papers and the Debates, listed below, are additional sources of information.
To view a list of the British Parliamentary Papers volumes owned by CSUF, search the Library Catalog:

     Title: irish university press series of british parliamentary papers

Click on the above link. This search will retrieve 84 records. Scroll through the titles and note the subtitles (examples: Civil Disorder, Crime and Punishment, Industrial Revolution, Social Problems). These subtitles indicate the subject of that specific set. Select the titles that are of interest to you. Note the LOCATION and CALL NUMBER.

See also INDEXES listed below.

British Parliamentary Papers—Indexes

The following indexes may be of help in locating specific volumes.

Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers: General Index
1. 1696-1834. Hansard's Catalogue.--2. 1801-1852. Reports of select committees.--3. 1801-1852. Accounts and papers.--4. 1852-1869. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.--5. 1801-1852. Bills, printed by order of the House of Commons.--6. 1870-1879. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.--7. 1880-1889. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.--8. 1890-1899. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.
Checklist of British Parliamentary Papers in the Irish University Press 1000-volume series, 1801-1899
This is an index to the The Irish University Press's reprinted edition of the most important parliamentary papers of the 19th century. The reports are arranged into some 32 subject areas, for example: Colonies, Crime and Punishment, Education, Emigration, Famine, Health, Industrial Revolution, Poor Law, Slave Trade, Stage and Theatre. The arrangement is chronological within categories. Some topics have specialized indexes: Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the Canadian boundary, Children's unemployment.
Index to British Parliamentary Papers on Canada and Canadian Boundary, 1800-1899
Indexes to the IUP 1000-volume series of British parliamentary papers.
Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary papers Special Index 1
"Annual lists and general index of the parliamentary papers relating to the East Indies, 1801-1907." This index covers issues relating to India during the Nineteenth Century.

Select List of British Parliamentary Papers, 1833-1899
Bibliography and catalogs of 19th Century papers.

Serial Publications in the British Parliamentary Papers, 1900-1968: A Bibliography C
This indexes the House of Commons Sessional papers from 1900-1968.

Command Papers

Command Papers are a special group of documents that do not originate from Parliament but are presented to Parliament by other government agencies and are published as part of its Sessional Papers. Command Papers often cover topics on which the government intends to act, but also can include Treaties, State Papers, Policy Papers, Annual Reports, Reports of Royal Commissions, Reports of Departmental Committees, Reports of Tribunals and Commissions of Inquiry, etc. They are called "Command" papers because they are ostensibly sent to Parliament by "command of the Sovereign" and as such are noted on the title page.


Command Papers—Finding Aids

Numerical Finding List of British Command Papers Published 1833-1961/62
Numerical Lists, bound with the annual alphabetical indexes to the Sessional papers, have been the source of the present compilation."

British Command Papers: A Numerical Finding List 1962/63 - 1976/77
This is a supplement to: A Numerical Finding List of British Command Papers Published 1833-1961/62.
General Index to the Sessional Papers Printed by Order of the House of Lords or Presented by Special Command 1715-1805
Spine title: Lords Papers



Parliamentary Debates. Official Report. House of Lords (1909-current date)
Called 5th series to continue the series numbering of the debates of Parliament issued 1803-1908 as ser. 1-4.
The 5th series covers 1909-2001. CSUF owns 625 volumes.
The last vol. for each session includes a general index for the vols. in that session.
Parliamentary Debates. Official Report. Standing Committees. House of Commons (1971-1984)
CSUF owns 1971-1984
Contents: Standing Committee A. -- Standing Committee B. -- Standing Committee C. -- Standing Committee D. -- Standing Committee E. -- Standing Committee F. -- Standing Committee G. -- Standing Committee H. -- Scottish Committee. -- First Scottish Committee. -- Second Scottish Committee. -- Special Committee. -- Statistical Insurance Committee.
Parliamentary Debates, Official Report. Standing Committees. Session 1967-68
Each volume contains an index.
The Parliamentary Debates (1803-1908)
Beginning with the 3rd series, the last vol. for each session is (or includes) a general index.
The Third Series covers 1803-1891. The Fourth Series covers 1892-1908.
CONTENTS. -- [First series], v. 1-41, Nov. 1803-Feb. 1820. -- Second series, v. 1-25, Apr. 1820-Jul. 1830. -- Third series, v. 1-356, Oct. 1830-Aug. 1891. -- Fourth series, v. 1-199, Feb. 1892-Dec. 1908.

A Collection of the Parliamentary Debates in England from the Year M,DC,LXVIII to the Present Time (1660-1837)
Debates 1660-1837.
Vol. 20 includes index.


Many of the volumes with debates have indexes within the volumes or sets. The records immediately above indicate if indexes are included in the volumes.

Commons Debates, 1628
CONTENTS: v. 1. Introduction and reference materials.--v. 2. 17 March-19 April 1628.--v. 3. 21 April-27 May 1628.--v. 4. 28 May-26 June 1628.--v. 5. Lords proceedings 1628.--v. 6. Appendixes and indexes.

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