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Government Documents -- Freely Available Databases
Free Databases -- Child and Adolescent Studies
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway
    • Factsheets, bulletins and research summaries.
    • Abstracts/summaries of journal articles, books, technical reports with contact information on obtaining the materials.
    • 1960-present.
Free Databases -- Criminal Justice
Free Databases -- Education
  • National Center for Education Statistics [NCES]
    • Statistics and full-text analytical publications from NCES, the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.
  • Educator's Reference Desk [ERIC]
    • More than one million abstracts of education-related documents and journal articles.
    • Published and unpublished reports collected by ERIC Clearinghouses.
    • Curriculum materials and lesson plans.
    • Full-text ERIC Digests.
  • National Academies Press
    • 2500 Full-text books in all science disciplines (behavioral science, biology, computer science, education, environment, mathematics, and more)
  • Science Education (
    • Resources for kids, parents, and teachers.
    • Full text and abstracts/citations.
    • Research reports and statistics.
Free Databases -- Environmental Studies
  • Agricola [NAL Catalog]
    • The NAL Online Public Access Catalog contains citations to books, audiovisuals, serials, and other materials, most of which are in the Library's collection. (The Catalog does contain some records for items not held at NAL.)
    • The Article Citation Database includes citations, many with abstracts, to journal articles (see Journals Indexed in AGRICOLA), book chapters, reports, and reprints, selected primarily from the materials found in the NAL Catalog.
    • Although the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA) does not contain the text of the materials it cites, thousands of its records are linked to full-text documents online.
  • Biology and Nature []
    • Gateway to government science information and research results.
  • CRS Reports [National Council for Science and the Environment]
    • 2000 current reports from the Congressional Research Service, which is part of the Library of Congress.
    • Provide accurate, objective, nontechnical information, background information on environmental issues.
  • EPA: National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)
    • More than 7,000 in stock and 35,000 digital titles.
    • Gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety information on new and used cars and trucks.
    • Comparisons of ratings.
  • Natural Resources and Conservation []
    • Gateway to government science information and research results.
  • Plants Database [USDA]
    • Standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories.
    • Search by common name, by scientific name, and more.
    • Infasive and noxious weeds
    • Fact sheets and plant guides
    • Threatened and endangered species
Free Databases -- Health / Medicine
  • PLoS: Public Library of Science
    Full text. PLoS publishes peer-reviewed, open access scientific and medical journals that include original research as well as timely feature articles. All PLoS articles are immediately freely accessible online, are deposited in the free public archive PubMed Central, and can be redistributed and reused according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.
  • Cancer Literature in PubMed
    Search the Cancer subset in PubMed.
  • Drugs@FDA
    Search by drug name, active ingredient, application number, and more.
  • Household Products Database
    Health and safety information on householdproducts.
  • MedlinePlus
    Health news on 800 topics on conditions, diseases, and wellness.
  • National Academies Press
    Full text books on behavioral and social sciences, biology, computers, earth sciences, education, energy, engineering, environmental issues, food and nutrition, health and medicine, industry and labor, math, chemistry, physics, space and aeronautics, transportation, and more.
  • National Library of Medicine: Databases
    Linds to databases and electronic resources from the NIH.
  • NLM Gateway
    From NIH. Accesses Medline, PubMed, Toxline, DART,, and other government databases.
  • NLM/NIH Resources
    Links to NLM, NIH and other federal government resources.
  • Nutrient Data Laboratory Database
    The Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL) has the responsibility to develop USDA's National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference,  the foundation of most food and nutrition databases in the US, used in food policy, research and nutrition monitoring.
  • Nutrient Data Laboratory [USDA]
    Search by keywords to retrieve nutrient data.
  • PubMed
    More than 19 million citations to biomedical articles from MedLine and life science journals. Some links to full text.
  • PubMed Central
    Full text  articles from PubMed, the free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literataure.
Free Databases -- Housing
  • HUD User
    The HUD USER Database contains more than 10,000 full-abstract citations to research reports, articles, books, monographs, and data sources in housing policy, building technology, economic development, urban planning, and a host of other relevant fields.
Free Databases -- Latin America Studies
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies [HLAS]
    • Online bibliography of Latin America selected and annotated by scholars.
    • Contains both humanities and social sciences literature, in disciplines including Anthropology, Art, Economics, Geography, Government & Politics, International Relations, Literature, Music, Philosophy and Sociology.
    • Approximately 300,000 citations to books, book chapters, journal articles, and published conference proceedings.
    • Edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress
Free Databases -- Science
  • National Academies Press
    2500 full-text books in all science disciplines (behavioral science, biology, computer science, education, environment, mathematics, and more).
    Gateway to science information from U.S. government agencies. Includes research and development results.
  • Science Accelerator
    Searches the results of DOE research and development (R&D) projects and programs, descriptions of R&D projects under way or recently completed, major R&D accomplishments, and recent research of interest to DOE. Retrieves electronic full-text research reports, energy citations back to the Manhattan Project,
  • PLoS: Public Library of Science
    PLoS is a nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource. Full-text access to professional journals in biology, medicine, computational biology, genetics, pathogens, tropical disease, and more.
  • Orange Book: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivlance Evaluations [FDA]
    Search by active ingredient, proprietary name, applicant holder, application number, patent.
    The information found in RePORTER is drawn from several extant databases–eRA databases, Medline, PubMed Central, the NIH Intramural Database, and iEdison–using newly-formed linkages among these disparate data sources. The comprehensiveness of these databases varies, as does the quality of the linkages formed among them.
  • CiteSeer.IST: Scientific Literature Digital Library
    Searching 767,000+. Hosted by Penn State's Collegs of Information Sciences and Technology.
  • Energy: Department of Energy: For Researches
    Links to information on research grants.
  • Energy: DOE Information Bridge
    Full text and bibliographic records of DOE research and development reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmentl sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics, 1995-present. 
  • Energy: Energy and Energy Conservation []
    Full text and abstracts/citations from DOE and other agencies.
  • Energy: Energy Citation Database
    Free access to over 2.6 million science research citations with regular updates. There are over 221,000 electronic documents, primarily from 1943 forward, available. ECD includes scientific and technical research results in disciplines of interest to DOE such as chemistry, physics, materials, environmental science, geology, engineering, mathematics, climatology, oceanography, and computer science. It includes bibliographic citations to report literature, conference papers, journal articles, books, dissertations, and patents.
  • Energy: Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Report Collection
    This full-text collection provides access to unclassified, unlimited documents. It is a growing subset of almost 42,000 reports referenced and available in STINET, which dates back to 1974. Subject areas include biological and medical sciences, environmental pollution and control, behavioral and social sciences, and patents and patent applications.
  • Energy: National Center for Environmental Publications [NSCEP]
    This site was designed to provide easy access to EPA’s publications and simple navigation to other services which may aide you in locating environmental information.
    Catalog of geospatial information containing thousands of metadata records and links to live maps, features, and catalog services, downloadable data sets, images, clearinghouses, map files and more.
  • Geology: Publications of the U.S. Gelogical Survey
    Catalogs, locators, and collections of USGS publications.
  • Nanotechnology [NTIS]
    NTIS has over 700 publications in its collection on the emerging field of nanotechnology.
  • NTIS: National Technical Information Service
    Containing over 2.0 million bibliographic records, the contents include research reports, computer products, software, video cassettes, audio cassettes and more. The complete electronic file dates back to 1964. On average, NTIS has added over 60,000 new records per year to the Database over the past ten years. Most records include abstracts.
  • NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
    Provides public access to NASA's current and historical technical literature since it was first released in 1994. NTRS provides access to approximately 500K aerospace related citations, 90K full-text online documents, and 111K images and videos. Includes conference papers, images, journal articles, photos, meeting papers, movies, patents, research reports, and technical videos.
  • OSHA/EPA Occupational Chemical Database
    Reports include: "Physical Properties," "Exposure Guidelines," "NIOSH Pocket Guide," and "Emergency Response Information," including the DOT Emergency Response Guide. In addition, an all-in-one report, "Full Report," is available.
  • [Office of Scientific and Technical Information]
    Links to citations, full text reports, scientific journals, preprint servers, information by subject, and R&D accomplishments.
  • Patents: U.S. Patents Database
    Full text since 1976; full page images since 1790. Patent Applications since March 2001.
  • Physics: SPIRES High-Energy Physics Literature Database
    Indexes over 500,000 articles, papers, preprints, and technical reports. Most of the materials are available in full text, with coverage extending back to 1974. 
  • TOXNET: Toxicology Data Network
    Databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.
  • Transportation: North American Transportation Statistics Database
    United States, Canada, Mexico: country overview, transportation/energy/environment, total international passenger travel, economy domestic freight activity, passenger travel, transportation infrastructure, transportation safety, transportation vehicles.
  • Transportation: RITA: National Transportation Library
    500,000 records in transportation-related fields. Iinclude books and articles as well as some full-text research studies, technical reports, and conference papers.
Free Databases -- Social Sciences
  • Access to Archival Databases: AAD [National Archives]
    Includes historic  resources: Civil War sites, combat casualties from wars, POW information WW II internee files, Port of New York ship passenger lists 1846-1851, and much more.
  • Alcohol & Alcohol Problems Science Database [ETOH]
    Historic research 1972-2003. Search by title, author, publication, year. 110,000 abstracts and bibliographic references to journal articles, dissertations, proceedings, studies, book chapters, and more.
  • E-Stats: Measuring the Electronic Economy
    E-commerce data were collected in four separate Census Bureau surveys. These surveys used different measures of economic activity such as shipments for manufacturing, sales for wholesale and retail trade, and revenues for service industries. Consequently, measures of total economic and e-commerce activity vary by economic sector, are conceptually and definitionally different, and therefore, are not additive. The Census Bureau’s e-commerce measures report the value of goods and services sold online whether over open networks such as the Internet, or over proprietary networks running systems such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Although E-Stats does not cover the entire U.S. economy, this report covers North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) industries that accounted for approximately 77 percent of economic activity measured in the 2002 Economic Census. The report does not cover agriculture, mining, utilities, construction, agents, brokers, electronic markets in wholesale trade, and approximately one-third of service-related industries.
  • Global Legal Information Network [GLIN]
    The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) is a public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations. These GLIN members contribute the full texts of their published documents to the database in their original languages. Each document is accompanied by a summary in English and, in many cases in additional languages, plus subject terms selected from the multilingual index to GLIN. All summaries are available to the public, and public access to full texts is also available for most jurisdictions.
  • National Academies Press
    2500 full-text books in all science disciplines (behavioral science, biology, computer science, education, environment, mathematics, and more).
  • National Archeological Database
    An expanded bibliographic inventory of over 350,000 reports on archeological investigation and planning, mostly of limited circulation. This "gray literature"
    represents a large portion of the primary information available on archeological sites in the U.S. NADB-Reports can be searched by the variety of fields you see on your right. NADB-Reports was updated with new citations in August 2004.
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway
    Includes 32,000 resources from 1960-present including journal articles factsheets, bulletins, and research summaries either produced by Information Gateway or other organizations. Topics include child abuse and neglect, child welfare and adoption related issues.
  • Popline
    POPLINE contains nearly 370,000 records. The majority of items are published from 1970 to the present;  however, there are selected citations dating back to 1827. The database adds 10,000 records annually. This is a database on reproductive health, containing citations with abstracts to scientific articles, reports, books, and unpublished reports in the fields of population, family planning, and related health issues.
  • Population Index on the Web [Princeton]
    Presents an annotated bibliography of recently published books, journal articles, working papers, and other materials on population topics. This website provides a searchable and browsable database containing 46,035 abstracts of demographic literature published in Population Index in the period 1986-2000.

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