Best Websites for Researching Philosophy
These are recommended websites for research in philosophy.
Web Resources for philosophy research.
How do I evaluate my sources?
This page provides information and resources to help you carefully examine and determine the usefulness and quality of your information sources.

Not all information is equally valuable. Any information should be carefully examined.

1. Evaluating Web Sites 2. Evaluating Articles and Books
  • Authority
  • -What are the author's credentials, educational background, experience, past writings? Check Marquis Who's Who Online or other biographical sources.
  • -Is the author's name cited in other sources or bibliographies? Respected authors are cited frequently by other scholars.


  • Date of Publication
  • -Is currency important to your research?
  • -If so, when was the source published?
  • Topics in the sciences and business often demand current information. Topics in the humanities may require older material.


  • Objectivity
  • -Is the information supported by facts and evidence, or is it someone's opinion?


  • Accuracy and Quality of Content
  • -Can the information be verified by other sources?
  • -How does the information compare with other sources?
  • -If it is a book, what do book reviewers have to say?


For additional help, see:
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