Search Tips

The AUTHOR search looks for names in the Author, Cartographer, Printer, Publisher, Engraver, Additional Names fields.

The TITLE search looks for titles in the Title, Alternative Title fields.

The AREAS COVERED search looks for names of countries, counties, cities, towns in the Areas covered field. Contemporary names of countries are used in the Areas covered field.

The SUBJECT HEADINGS search looks for names of countries, counties, cities, towns in the Topical headings fields. Topical headings are based on the Library of Congress Subject Headings and Geographical Names.

The KEYWORD search looks for any term in the Author, Dubious Authors, Cartographer, Printer, Publisher, Engraver, Additional Names, Title, Alt Title, Primary Area, Areas covered, Topical headings, General Notes, Watermark, Note on Features, Language fields. The General Notes and Note on Features fields contains information about the map, including cartouche design, vignettes, sub-maps, figures, art work, and border design, if applicable.

SOURCE FOR SEARCH TIPS PAGE: Union Map Catalogue, Huntington Library (California Map Society website)

Text Field Searches

This database performs keyword, phrase and wildcard searches in several text fields
(author, title, primary areas, areas covered, subject, date and keyword).

Simple Key Word Search: Enter a single word.
EXAMPLE: California

Phrase searches: Type the phrase without quotation marks.
EXAMPLE: New Hampshire

Wildcard Searches

Wildcard searches can be used to find abbreviated words or words with variant spellings.
Symbols may be placed internally or on either side of a letter stem.

EXAMPLE: V*n [will retrieve Van or Von]
EXAMPLE: *ck [will retrieve maddock, cradock, schenck]
EXAMPLE: Massachu* [will retrieve Massachusetts or Massachusets]

To replace one unknown letter, use the @ sign:
EXAMPLE: Californi@ [will retrieve California or Californie]

To replace one or more unknown letters, use the * sign:
EXAMPLE: p*r [will retrieve Peter or Pieter]

Date Searches

The database performs date searching in the Depiction Date and Date of Publication fields.

Single Year Search: Enter the year in the desired field.

Range of Years Search: Use a * to replace digits.
EXAMPLE: 15**[will retrieve all maps published in the 1500�s]