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Putting Student Success Initiative Funds
to Work at the Library

Beginning in Fall 2014, the campus implemented a $181 per-semester Student Success Fee as part of a comprehensive university-wide Student Success Initiative (SSI).

Thank you, Titans, for helping the Pollak Library and Irvine Campus Library provide an environment more conducive to student success!

Extended Hours

SSI funds provide 110 additional hours for students to access the library buildings.

SSi Extended Library Hours

Year Pollak Library Irvine Campus Library
  • Fall 2014/
    Spring 2015
  • 10 extra morning and evening hours per week.
  • 24/7 access for the week prior to and of final exams.
  • Extended hours for final exams.
  • Fall 2015/
    Spring 2016
  • 4 more extra evening hours per week, for a total of 14 additional SSI hours.
  • Continuation of 24/7 access for the week prior to and of final exams.
  • 2 extra evening hours per week.
  • Continuation of extended hours for final exams.

Enhanced Partner Services

SSI funds allow our campus partners to expand and improve key services available in the Pollak Library.

  • Upgraded library technology (PLN-130, PLN-303, and North 1st floor).
  • Rollout student Help Desk support in Spring 2015.
  • Expanded WiFi network.
  • Upgraded classrooms.
  • Continue and expand free software program.

Profiling SSI-Funded Services in the Library