Trish Campbell

Contact Information

Voice: 657-278-8254
Fax: 57-278-2439
Office: PLS-269

Trish Campbell

Exhibit Committee Chair & Program Coordinator


Exhibit Committee Chair and Program Coordinator, Pollak Library

Adjunct Faculty, Division of Anthropology


M.A. Anthropology, California State University, Fullerton

B.A. Anthropology, with minors in History & Music, California State University, Fullerton

Research Areas

Cultural Anthropology: anthropology of religion; art and culture; ethnomusicology; Mediterranean culture in Malta (Gozo); and processes within cultural constructs. Museum Science: specific focus on the exhibition and preservation of culture through art and artifact, oral history, language, and documentation. Archive Science: the use of books, manuscripts and ephemera in support of museum and culture studies.

Courses Regularly Taught

Courses Taught at CSUF

  • ANTH 498, Museum Practicum
  • ANTH 402, Introduction to Museum Studies
  • ANTH 306, Art and Culture (WEB)
  • ANTH 305, Anthropology of Religion (WEB)

Presentations & Lectures

Expeditions Applied Anthropology Field School and Catholic University at Leuven (Belgium) - guest lecture on topics related to field research in/on the Maltese island of Gozo. Assist students during initial stages of project development with instruction in use of local resources (both institutional and professional), and conduct student field exercises to introduce students to the concepts of journaling in fieldwork.

Office Hours

M-F: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.