John Hickok

Librarian & Instructor


1995, MLIS, University of California, Los Angeles

2001, M.A.-TESOL, California State University, Los Angeles

Work Bio

John Hickok, MLIS, M.A., is a faculty Librarian/Instructor at California State University Fullerton.  In this position since 1997, he teaches Information Literacy (library & research skills) classes, and particularly to ESL and international students from around the world.   John holds dual masters degrees in Library & Information Science (UCLA, 1995) and Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages (Cal State LA, 2001).  Because of the diverse cultural populations in California, John's research area is cross-cultural comparisons of  library services in other countries (particularly Asia) and the U.S.  John has presented on this topic at library and ESL conferences in both the U.S. and Asia.  He has written book chapters and journal articles, and is currently working toward a book publication.  He is currently the 2011-2012 Chair of the American Library Association's International Relations Roundtable Reception Committee, which welcomes international librarians to ALA conferences each year.

Specializations: TESOL, ESL/International students, Communications.

Research Areas

Cross-cultural comparison of library services in Asian and U.S. academic libraries

Each year, students from nearly every country in Asia study abroad to the U.S.  While there, they encounter American libraries and research expectations that might be different than what they are used to in their own country.This prompts several questions:  what similarities and differences are there in library services offered in U.S. libraries compared to libraries in other countries?  Is library instruction (information literacy instruction) provided in similar ways?  What innovations have both types of libraries undertaken to better serve their users?

Asia TripA grant was obtained for the 2005-06 academic year for fieldwork to research these questions.  Library services in academic libraries­--in both the U.S. and in Asian countries­--were observed and chronicled. Trends, strategies, differences,and commonalities were all investigated. 

The findings showed interesting results: similarities­--such as the prevalence of online catalogs---as well as differences, such methods of library instruction.  These trends are all valuable to discover, especially in light of the large numbers of Asian students studying abroad to the U.S.  Ongoing follow-up visits to this initial fieldwork have been
conducted annually, with a book anticipated to be published in 2012.

Asia Research Grant Travelogue

The following pages--originally published monthly by CSUF Public Affairs on the CSUF Website--chronicle the country-by-country visits during the 2005-6 research grant: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos & Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Macau, China, Mongolia, Japan & Korea, Taiwan.