Library Vision / Mission Statement

The Library will uphold the University's commitment to making learning preeminent through its support and enhancement of the teaching, learning, and research activities of the California State University, Fullerton community. The Library will be the hub of an information and instruction network, designed to facilitate the delivery of recorded knowledge and information. The Library will direct its resources and activities towards the goals articulated in the University's Mission, Goals & Strategies.

To ensure the preeminence of learning the Library will:

  • make the support of academic programs its primary focus, with a strong secondary goal of fostering lifelong learning.
  • collect and preserve a carefully selected core collection of materials from the worldwide output of published information; support remote access to information for which ownership is not feasible or cost-effective.
  • acquire, organize and prepare for use all selected materials; provide informational and instructional assistance to students, faculty and community users.
  • respond to technological changes in the publication and distribution of scholarly materials and the means by which they can be accessed, monitoring an increasing variety of formats: print, electronic, audio and video.

To provide high quality programs that meet the evolving needs of our students, community, and region the Library will:

  • provide instruction in research and information retrieval skills which develop critical thinking, support classroom instruction and learning and prepare students for careers in a technologically sophisticated society.
  • balance carefully the need for currency of information, the requirements of long-term preservation, and the realities of fiscal resources.
  • develop collections which reflect divergent intellectual perspectives and the cultural diversity of our society.
  • offer services and hours which are responsive to the needs of our student body, faculty and community.
To enhance scholarly and creative activity the Library will:
  • support faculty research/grant activities, both through resources housed in the Library, and through timely access to off-site resources via interlibrary loan, document delivery and electronic access to full-text documents.
  • provide instruction/training in research techniques and the use of print, non-print, and electronic resources in a variety of ways, including workshops, electronic demonstrations, the creation of guides to collection resources, and posting relevant information on local homepages on the WWW.
  • enhance the expertise of Library faculty and staff to better enable them to participate in the scholarly and creative activities of the University community during a period of rapid technological change.
To achieve collaboration integral to our activities the Library will:
  • continue and expand upon the success of the Library's instruction program to promote information competency through increased collaboration with the teaching faculty.
  • continue active participation in the joint endeavors with other CSU libraries to improve library collections and services, especially as set forth in the strategic plan, 'Transforming CSU Libraries for the 21st Century.'
  • remain responsive to the particular needs of interdisciplinary programs in allocating the materials budget.
  • leverage CSU purchasing power for better contractual arrangements for electronic products/services.
To create an environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed the Library will:
  • enhance the physical facility to promote individual as well as collaborative learning.
  • provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment which utilize the latest developments in instructional and information technology.
  • continue and enhance specialized information services which are responsive to the diverse cultural and physical needs of the campus community.
To increase external support for university programs and priorities the Library will:
  • develop a coordinated program for obtaining external funding through the leadership efforts of a development director, and through participation in collaborative grant opportunities with departments/schools.
  • use the expanded facility and the changing instructional technology environment as an opportunity to attract contributors interested in naming opportunities and matching fund opportunities.
  • continue to strengthen its relationship with the Patrons of the Library community support group to fund the purchase of materials and equipment beyond the provisions of the budget.
To expand connections and partnerships with our region the Library will:
  • build collections which serve as a resource within the CSU and our region.
  • continue participation in networks and programs which promote resource sharing of our collections and services by individuals, community organizations, and other libraries.
  • maintain active participation in the government documents depository programs which result in the infusion of considerable and valuable information resources, in return for our providing public access to users in our region.
To strengthen institutional effectiveness, collegial governance and our sense of community the Library will:
  • assist in maintaining University accreditation by providing appropriate report data regarding Library support for academic programs.
  • improve information utilization by refining/upgrading electronic systems, equipment, software, and databases through the implementation of new features and products.
  • develop internal training programs or utilize external programs that will enhance employees' ability to meet job requirements and prepare for advancement in an increasing technological environment.