Exhibition Guidelines

Guidelines governing curating an exhibition in Pollak Library, including the Salz-Pollak Atrium Gallery or other library venues.


The User will temporarily occupy, and make use of the Library's exhibition venue located at the Pollak Library N0rth, Room 101, also known as the Atrium Gallery (the Gallery), or other suitable venue.

Exhibition Schedule

  • The User shall have access to and use of the venue during a time scheduled between the User and the Library for the purpose of installing, hosting, and de-installing the exhibition.

  • Within 24 hours of the use period's expiration, User shall return all equipment, materials, supplies, tools, and exhibition cases, as applicable.

  • The User will maintain Gallery hours that coincide with Library's open and closed hours, with the exception of installation and de-installation.

Exhibition Space

  • The User will not alter the Gallery space or contents unless the User has been granted expressed and written permission by the Library. This means no painting, holes, or other modifications or adjustments to the ceiling, walls, windows, and floors, or to exhibition cases, if provided.

  • The User will have access to Library equipment, materials, supplies, tools, and exhibition cases, as agreed on in the Gallery Use Agreement. Please see Appendix A: Exhibit Cases and Misc. Furniture Inventory.

  • The User shall remove all personal property, trash, and other items that were not present in the venue when the User took control of it.

  • The User will be responsible and financially liable for any repair to or replacement of Library property (beyond normal wear and tear) as determined by fair market value of goods or services.


  • The Library will take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of the Exhibition while at its premises, including protection from the dangers of fire, smoke, water damage, loss, theft, and vandalism; however, the Gallery is an unstaffed space. Moreover, the User is ultimately responsible for the security and safety of the Exhibition while it is in the Gallery and Library. The User also agrees to confer with the Library concerning security matters beyond regular care relating to the Exhibition while on its premises.

  • If any item is damaged, lost, stolen, or subject to emergency procedures, or , if there is any change in the condition of any item, the User will immediately report such event to the Library by telephone at 657-278-2714 during regular business hours or to campus police at (657) 278-2515 after which Library protocol will be enacted.

Insurance/Risk of Loss

  • Users must submit the following information to the Exhibit Coordinator in Pollak Library (see below). The art/artifact list will be forwarded to Risk Management. The University will provide coverage on behalf of the User, with a $1,000 deductible. 

      1. Exhibit Title

      2. Dates of coverage (typically dates of exhibit)

      3. Picture of each item/artwork

      4. Artist(s) Name

      5. Title(s) of the Work

      6. Format(s)

      7. Dimensions(s)

      8. Condition(s)

      9. Current Value(s)

      10. Location of Display

      11. Grand total to be insured

  • The user agrees that any disputes that arise because of this exhibition will be resolved through mediation or arbitration.

  • The user agrees that any second or third parties (volunteers, contractors, sub-contractors, etc.) associated with this exhibition will hold harmless CSUF Pollak Library.



  • The User agrees to make all arrangements for packing, shipping, delivery, installation and de-installation under the supervision of the primary supervisor, curator, or installer.

  • The User agrees to provide an exhibition title wall (type, style, material, and size, agreeable to the Library) that will be situated outside the entrance to the Gallery.


The Library cannot ensure specific standards of environmental control in spaces where the Exhibition is stored or displayed; however, it will maintain reasonable light and humidity levels as set and employed throughout the Library.


User will bear all local costs incurred in presenting the Exhibition, including, but not limited to, insurance coverage; promotion, publicity, previews, unpacking and repacking the Exhibition on the Library's premises, installation and de-installation costs, storage, educational programs, entertainment, and receptions.


All technology including video screens, monitors, are the responsibility of the user.  Please contact Library Exhibits representative in regard to televisions or iPad usage, and wifi.

Copyright /Credits – Photography

User is responsible for all copyright clearance related to the exhibition. The Library will not be responsible for copyright issues. The Library reserves the right to take pictures for publicity purposes or for inclusion in the University archives. These photographs are for historical purposes and have no commercial value.

Additional Curator's/Organizer's Responsibilities

The User will provide the Library with a list of names and contact information of those who will be installing, maintaining, and de-installing Exhibition during agreed upon schedule. In addition, this list will include emergency contact information for the principal User, supervisor, and/or installer. (Exhibition Application Form Attachment A)


  • The User is responsible for installing the exhibition, including hanging and labeling any materials and setting existing lights. The Library will provide exhibition furniture and lighting fixtures. The User will work with the Library prior to the installation to determine which of the Library's materials will be used. Users can paint gallery walls, but gallery space must be returned to original color at the close of the exhibition. Exhibit cases may not be painted.


  • The Library will assist with publicity of the exhibition by featuring the exhibit on the Library website and social channels, and by providing information to CSUF Strategic Communications. To that extent, you're asked to provide the following:

  • An electronic copy, both an image file (.png or .jpg)and a .pdf file of a poster or sign that includes:

    • Title of exhibition

    • Names of curators/exhibitors/originating institution

    • Exhibition dates.

    • At least 2-3 promotional photos (hi resolution .png files that will be cropped and resized as needed) of their exhibit. Submission of these photos implies that CSUF has the right to post these photos on our website and social media channels. Please include accompanying captions (submitted as a Word document) referencing each photo's file name.

    • Permission granted to the Library to photograph the exhibit once for publicity purposes. Copyrighted materials will be photographed at a distance to avoid any copyright issues.

    • Any promotional video footage needs to be on the organizer's YouTube or Vimeo channel (with the ability for us to embed the video on our website), or can be sent to the Pollak Library granting us permission to upload on the Library's YouTube channel and allowing the video to be embedded.

    • Any promotional audio footage needs to be on the organizer's own audio-hosting channel, with the ability for us to embed it on our website (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Audioboo, StoryCorps, etc.), or can be sent to the Pollak Library granting us permission to upload on the audio with your image files to the Library's YouTube channel as a slideshow and allowing the slideshow to be embedded.


If a catalogue is created, the User is responsible for submitting one copy of the exhibition catalogue to Pollak Library's University Archives/Special Collections. The User is encouraged to donate any additional materials documenting the Exhibition to University Archives/Special Collections.


If the User is planning a reception with food or beverage in conjunction with an exhibition, the User must adhere to campus catering optionsOpens in new window for both catered and self-catered on-campus events.

Right of Cancellation

The library reserves the right to cancel the exhibition if the conditions described in the exhibition guidelines have not been met by the user in a reasonable amount of time or if communication between the user and the library exhibit program coordinator/committee ceases.


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