Food, Drink, and Noise Policy

The Policy

  • Drinks are allowed in closed containers, such as covered cups or water bottles.
  • Drinks are not allowed around computers or book shelves.
  • Please immediately notify staff at any public service desk of any spills.
  • Please keep food to a minimum.
  • Large quantities of food or smelly/crumbly food should not be in the Library.
  • Delivery of food to the library for Library patron use is prohibited.
  • The Library reserves the right to decide if a food item or container is permitted or not.
  • Care should be taken to reduce loud or excessive noise which is detrimental to effective studying or collaboration.
  • The Library reserves the right to determine appropriate and acceptable levels of noise.
  • Please remember that conduct that disturbs users or operations, or hinders others from using the Library is prohibited.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in Special Collections.
  • Patrons disregarding the food, drink and noise policy will be asked to leave the Library.

Rationale for This Policy

The Pollak Library enforces this policy because spilled food and beverages can cause serious problems, including insect and rodent infestations, damaged books, wiring and computer equipment malfunctions, and stained carpets and tables. Excessive or loud noise is a concern for all library patrons attempting to study or conduct work. This policy is intended to decrease the likelihood that these problems will occur.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Library Administration
March 2011