Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use should be limited in all areas of the Pollak Library.

Cell phone use is not permitted:

  • At or near the Reference Desk
  • In the designated "Quiet Study" area of Library North, 3rd floor
  • In Library Instruction rooms PL103, PL303, PL420.

Please be considerate of those who are studying or receiving research assistance.

For further information, please refer to the Pollak Library Code of Conduct.

Conduct that disturbs library users or operations, or hinders others from using the Library or library materials, is prohibited. The Library is to be used for the purpose for which it is intended. (Penal Code Section 415 and Penal Code Section 415.5, 'Fighting, noise, & offensive words')

If an individual's behavior is disruptive or in violation of any sections of the Code of Conduct, that individual will be asked to leave the Library for the remainder of the day. Further infractions may result in removal of library privileges. If necessary, Public Safety will be called for assistance.

Approved August 17, 2005