24/7 Study Guidelines

As part of the Student Success Initiative, the Pollak Library 24/7 Study encourages a learning environment that is conducive to research and academic success. Students should conduct themselves in a manner that respects the rights of others, maintains effective operations of the library, and protects library materials and property. The library is a shared academic space, and your behavior must not disrupt, intimidate, or offend others. Please let us know if you see others disregarding these guidelines, and library staff members will courteously address all concerns.

  • To support student collaboration, Pollak Library group study rooms are for the use of current CSUF students, faculty and staff only. Guidelines for room use are available online or at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor Library North.  Group study rooms are reserved daily for cleaning from 5am-6am. Occupants will be asked to leave the room during this time.
  • Small snacks and closed, covered containers are permitted in the library. In consideration of all library users, prepared meals and outside deliveries are not allowed. Please enjoy these meals outside the library. The Library reserves the right to determine acceptable food items. For more details, please refer to the existing Food Policy on our library website.
  • Library users are expected to follow a “leave no trace” ethic of cleaning up after themselves. Please take advantage of the cleaning stations available throughout the library.
  • Extended library hours are intended for use by current CSUF students, faculty, and staff only. The general public's access to some services and resources will be restricted during this time. To ensure the safety and security of the library, TitanCards will be checked at library entrances between the hours of midnight and 6:30am. Following a public announcement, community users will be asked to exit the library during extended hours.
  • Due to safety concerns, large personal items, including appliances and bedding, are not allowed. The Library reserves the right to determine what is acceptable.
  • The use of library space and seating shall be confined to the purpose(s) for which the space and property are designed and intended.
  • Getting adequate, uninterrupted sleep is essential to your academic success. Sleeping is discouraged in the library for safety and security reasons. Using excessive space, monopolizing study areas and moving library furniture is disruptive to other students and is discouraged. See the CSUF Student Conduct Code from the California Code of Regulations and the Pollak Library Code of Conduct for additional details.
  • In an effort to ensure a pleasant, productive, and reasonable environment for all, conduct that disturbs users or operations, or hinders others from using the Library is prohibited.